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LUME (Laboratory for Ubiquitous Musical Expression) is an idea incubator at the City University of Hong Kong that focuses on the needs of individuals who are normatively barred from the act of music making.

Academic staffs, undergraduate and graduate students from all backgrounds come together in a highly interdisciplinary, strong community-focused setting. Together they design, prototype and test-drive tailored interfaces that would allow individuals who little to no previous musical training to create music intuitively. Our work at LUME manifest in three manners: (1) a year-long undergraduate credit-bearing course- SM2258 Creative Electronics Workshop; (2) fully-funded undergraduate research groups; (3) a laptop orchestra- CityU Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) consisted of MFA and Ph.D students.
Our work at LUME is made possible by the generous support of the Idea Incubator Grant and Startup Grant at the City University of Hong Kong.