TEMT6000 Breakout
Last updated: 3 October 2012
Prepared by Samson Young [skfyoung@cityu.edu.hk]
URL: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8688
Cost per unit: $4.95 USD (approx. 38 HKD)


General Information

About TEMT6000
This is a cheap reliable ambient light sensor. This works pretty much like the good old photocell except with higher accuracy, very easy to program for. The higher the voltage, the greater the incoming light.

Does not work with IR or UV light..

Features & Specifications
- Adapted to human eye sensitivity
- Maximum ratings:

Getting it to work!
For easy prototyping, solder some male-male headers onto the TEMT6000, so that you can plug it directly into a breadboard.


LED GND connected to GND
LED + connected to D11
TEMT6000 SIG connected to A0
TEMT6000 GND connected to GND
TEMT6000 VOC connected to 5V

Example Code

dumb example
LED glows and dims with ambient light level

int temt6000Pin = 0;
int LED = 11;
int Brightness;

void setup() {
pinMode (LED, OUTPUT);

void loop()
int value = analogRead(temt6000Pin);
Brightness = value/4;
analogWrite (LED, Brightness);